16.04.2020 | Everyday tips, Therapy, Assistive devices, Cerebral Palsy, Innowalk

Static or Dynamic standing? New study reveals interesting data

An evidence-based study reveals that dynamic standing in the Innowalk increases passive range of motion (PROM) and reduces spasticity...

19.03.2020 | Everyday tips, Therapy, Assistive devices

Alvin needs help with everything – also being upright and moving

Alvin was a completely healthy 6-year old boy until leukaemia changed his life forever.

18.12.2019 | Everyday tips, Adults with disabilities, Therapy, Assistive devices, Cerebral Palsy, Innowalk

[Video] “I’m not made of porcelain!”

To pursue hobbies and interests, just like everyone else, has always been extremely important to Johannes. So, when his buddies...

06.12.2019 | Everyday tips

DIY - Christmas crafting for the whole family

Christmas is the holiday season to be jolly - and creative. How about letting the kids put their personal touch on this year's gifts...

21.11.2019 | Everyday tips

Assistive technology: 6 of the Coolest Gadgets

People with cerebral palsy (CP) face a wide-range of challenges, but with assistive technology, they can improve their ability to...

15.08.2019 | Everyday tips, Assistive devices, Cerebral Palsy, Innowalk

Meet Becky - Always follow your dreams and never give up!

Becky has no voice, but that doesn’t limit her expressing herself - and she is worth listening to! This talented 16-year-old girl is...

07.08.2019 | Everyday tips, Assistive devices

Adapted controller for gaming - Let’s play!

A new adaptive controller for the Xbox was presented at this year’s EACD conference in Paris. What a blast! People all over the world...

12.12.2018 | Everyday tips

3 Tasks New Parents with Disabilities Need to Take Care Of

What are your greatest fears about becoming a new parent? Every new parent feels anxiety and fear when taking on this new role....

09.11.2018 | Everyday tips

7 Great Winter Holiday Spots for Kids and Adults with Disabilities

Europe is full of fun places to visit regardless of physical ability. Check out these awesome destinations for lovers of snow and...