14.09.2017 | Everyday tips

4 fun and accessible water parks for kids with disabilities

Do you miss the fun from this summer? Why don’t you bring the kids for a short break in the water slides? Here are our four water park...

31.08.2017 | Everyday tips

4 autumn getaways for the whole family

Autumn can be quite hectic, with work and school going at full pace. A short holiday or weekend trip can be a nice break from the...

11.08.2017 | Everyday tips

How to prevent your child from being bullied

Being bullied by other kids at school or in their spare time can be very tough to deal with–for both kids and parents involved. We...

18.07.2017 | Everyday tips

Four useful websites for pediatric physiotherapists

Staying up to date in the world of pediatric physiotherapy and disabilities is crucial. Here are four resources that will keep you...

06.07.2017 | Everyday tips, Diagnosis-related

5 reliable websites for parents of children with cerebral palsy

Finding reliable and useful resources on cerebral palsy can be a bit of a struggle. Here are five favourites–in no particular...

12.05.2017 | Everyday tips

Top 7 Books for Children with Disabilities

There is nothing nicer than getting cozy and reading a good book with your child – particularly when they carry a positive story. 

09.03.2017 | Everyday tips

How To Adapt Your Home For a Child With Disabilities

For a child with disabilities and mobility issues, an ordinary house can be an obstacle course. Therefore it’s essential that your...

24.02.2017 | Assistive devices, Everyday tips

Games to play while standing in your assistive device

The only thing better than watching your child having fun, is having fun with them. It may seem like a struggle to play games and stay...

04.01.2017 | Everyday tips

5 Fun Winter Activities for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Being a kid is all about being active – and with snow comes plenty of possibilities for fun activities, so there is no reason your...