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Ria Cuppers: “Restricting Therapy to the Clinic Only Is Not Enough”


We sat down with Belgian physiotherapist Ria Cuppers to discuss some of her thoughts on standing and walking therapy for...

What Do We Know About Physical Activity and Cerebral Palsy?


In fact, physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth biggest mortality risk factor.

Liz Cowan: Symmetrical Positioning or Movement? We Need Both!


One of my concerns as a paediatric physiotherapist is the amount of time children with disabilities spend being static in...

Per Brodal On Learning and the Brain's Plasticity


Per Brodal is one of the speakers we’ve been lucky enough to invite to speak at our seminars for physiotherapists and...

What do we know about strength exercise for people with CP?


Strength training (or resistance training) is a very common part of sports and physical fitness programs. For many people, the...

How does family-centred services make a difference?


We usually write about treatments or services that focus on a child or an individual, but in this article we’ll look at...

Music therapy for kids with disabilities


Music plays a big part in most people’s lives. It can be relaxing, spark certain feelings and increase quality of life. For...

How can people with disabilities benefit from occupational therapy?


We have previously talked about physical therapy and how it has the opportunity to enrich an individual’s life. But what about...

The benefits of goal directed training for individuals with disabilities


For an intervention to be goal directed training, it has to begin with a goal, which must be practiced until achieved. But what...