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Can You Use Artificial Intelligence to Diagnose CP?


An early diagnosis of CP is important, to allow measures to be taken and treatment to begin as soon as possible. Today, the...

Early Intervention Is Not Only Possible But Crucial


Key take-aways from the CP-conference in Oslo, January 2018.

Why Early Intervention?


Early childhood intervention are services provided to help children and their families develop skills and strategies necessary...

Early Intervention for Motor Impairments


Many argue that the earlier you start –the better. But when is early enough for starting with interventions for children with...

Meet Ada - A girl with CP and her experience with the Innowalk


Ada is a 4 year old girl born 3 months premature and has cerebral palsy with a functional level of GMFCS IV. For her parents,...

15 Months: Upright & Walking


Sara is very nearly fifteen months old. She’s unable to sit, stand or walk under her own power, but in the NF-Walker she can...