19.10.2022 | Hibbot, Early intervention, Cerebral Palsy, NF-Walker, Assistive devices, Therapy

Timeea’s story: Her journey towards walking

Timeea is a playful and happy girl, who loves to spend time together with other children. She is in kindergarten every day and her...

19.10.2022 | Hibbot, Early intervention, Gait trainers, Assistive devices, Therapy

10 Frequently Asked Questions about the gait trainer Hibbot

When you’re looking for the right assistive device for your child, you probably have lots of questions. It can be tough to navigate...

19.10.2022 | Hibbot, Early intervention, Cerebral Palsy, Gait trainers, Therapy

A physiotherapist's experience with the new gait trainer, the Hibbot

The child has had a fantastic progress with the Hibbot thanks to a dedicated, engaged and creative staff in the kindergarten.

17.10.2022 | Adults with disabilities, Everyday tips, Therapy

Changing lives through surfing and surf therapy

Surfing is a great activity and therapy. It combines aerobic exercise and strength training with a stress-relieving mental health...

17.10.2022 | Adults with disabilities, Assistive devices, Therapy

Stroke recovery: The value of physical therapy in rehabilitation

Learn how rehabilitation after stroke can improve functional performance. Julian Breuer, Head Physio at NiB Köln shares his knowledge...

17.10.2022 | Assistive devices, Everyday tips, Therapy

Alvin needs help with everything – also being upright and moving

Alvin was a completely healthy 6-year old boy until leukaemia changed his life forever.

17.10.2022 | Early intervention, Assistive devices, Therapy

Meet Oliver. He is One in a Billion - A Real-Life Neuro Hero

Oliver is a trooper, a real-life Neuro Hero. His life has consisted of chronic pain, operations, investigations, admissions,...

17.10.2022 | Assistive devices, Therapy

Research shows that 94% of the patients improved their clinical outcome with assisted walking-movement

A new, international meta-analysis on patients with genetic and acquired neuromuscular disorders breaks good news for assisted...

06.10.2022 | Therapy

Music therapy for kids with disabilities

Music plays a big part in most people’s lives. It can be relaxing, spark certain feelings and increase quality of life. For people...