19.10.2022 | Hibbot, Early intervention, Cerebral Palsy, NF-Walker, Assistive devices, Therapy

Timeea’s story: Her journey towards walking

Timeea is a playful and happy girl, who loves to spend time together with other children. She is in kindergarten every day and her...

19.10.2022 | Hibbot, Early intervention, Cerebral Palsy, Gait trainers, Assistive devices

Lauranne and Maddox Are Taking Steps with the Hibbot

Did you know that a device can bridge the gap between therapy time and daily training? Meet two kids who have made significant...

19.10.2022 | Hibbot, Early intervention, Cerebral Palsy, Gait trainers, Therapy

A physiotherapist's experience with the new gait trainer, the Hibbot

The child has had a fantastic progress with the Hibbot thanks to a dedicated, engaged and creative staff in the kindergarten.

06.10.2022 | Cerebral Palsy

Why do hip problems occur, and can they be prevented?

Children, young people and adults with physical disabilities such as cerebral palsy are at increased risk of developing problems with...

06.10.2022 | Cerebral Palsy, Adults with disabilities

How to manage pain in children and adults with cerebral palsy

Three out of four people with cerebral palsy (CP) experience pain. It is a complex, secondary condition compromising functional...

06.10.2022 | Rett Syndrom, Spinal cord injury, Cerebral Palsy, Everyday tips, Scoliosis, Therapy

5 things you should know about scoliosis

Scoliosis is a sideway curvature of the spine and often occurs secondary to a neuromuscular disorder, such as Cerebral palsy, spina...

06.10.2022 | Cerebral Palsy, Innowalk, Assistive devices, Everyday tips

A very ordinary life… in a rather unusual Covid-19 time

I, Elin, am the mother of three amazing adolescent and grown-up girls. Our youngest child in the family, Sofie, is 15 years old and...

06.10.2022 | Cerebral Palsy, Therapy

Intensive training for children with CP – why and how?

A big question that often arises when we discuss physical therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) is dosing. How much therapy is...

06.10.2022 | Cerebral Palsy

How Can You Live a Fulfilling Life with Fatigue and Cerebral Palsy?

Fatigue is a common symptom for people with cerebral palsy (CP). Although there are no specific treatments for fatigue, there are...