06.10.2022 | Rett Syndrom, Innowalk

[Video] This Is How Selma Lives with Retts syndrome

Innowalk and adaptations make Selma able to live an active and enjoyable life despite a few challenges.

06.10.2022 | Rett Syndrom, Innowalk, Assistive devices

Meet Live, a 4-year-old girl with Rett syndrome who loves action

Live is a tender and cheerful 4-year-old girl. She’s diagnosed with Rett syndrome, but has a more atypical disease course, which means...

06.10.2022 | Rett Syndrom

What Is Rett Syndrome?

Rett syndrome is a rare genetic neurologicaldisorder that occurs almost exclusively in girls. It affects the brain development and...

06.10.2022 | Rett Syndrom, Spinal cord injury, Cerebral Palsy, Everyday tips, Scoliosis, Therapy

5 things you should know about scoliosis

Scoliosis is a sideway curvature of the spine and often occurs secondary to a neuromuscular disorder, such as Cerebral palsy, spina...