17.11.2022 | Robotic rehabilitation therapy, Innowalk, Innowalk Pro, Dynamic standing device, Everyday tips

How physical activity affects learning?

Many people ask if there is an association between physical activity and cognition? And we can clearly say “YES”. Several studies have...

25.10.2022 | Everyday tips

5 Halloween activities that are fun and accessible for all

Halloween is a fun time ofyear for peopleof all ages, oftenincluding fancy dress, party games and spookydecorations!...

17.10.2022 | Everyday tips

How to prevent your child from being bullied

Being bullied by other kids at school or in their spare time can be very tough to deal with–for both kids and parents involved. We...

17.10.2022 | Everyday tips

Having a child with disabilities: Living, challenges and how to find time for yourself

"There are a lot of feelings involved with getting a handicapped child. In many ways, you have to adapt to a totally new reality",...

17.10.2022 | Adults with disabilities, Everyday tips, Therapy

Changing lives through surfing and surf therapy

Surfing is a great activity and therapy. It combines aerobic exercise and strength training with a stress-relieving mental health...

17.10.2022 | Assistive devices, Everyday tips, Therapy

Alvin needs help with everything – also being upright and moving

Alvin was a completely healthy 6-year old boy until leukaemia changed his life forever.

17.10.2022 | Everyday tips

Assistive technology: 6 of the Coolest Gadgets

People with cerebral palsy (CP) face a wide-range of challenges, but with assistive technology, they can improve their ability to...

17.10.2022 | Everyday tips

5 Fun Winter Activities for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Being a kid is all about being active – and with snow comes plenty of possibilities for fun activities, so there is no reason your...

06.10.2022 | Everyday tips

DIY - Christmas crafting for the whole family

Christmas is the holiday season to be jolly - and creative. How about letting the kids put their personal touch on this year's gifts...