14.12.2016 | Everyday tips

Five Tips For Easy Christmas Crafting

Christmas is the holiday to be jolly – and creative. Let the kids set their personal touch on this year’s gifts or Christmas...

13.10.2016 | Everyday tips, Diagnosis-related

How to bond through activities when your child has CP

Every parent enjoy watching their children smile while being active or learning a new skill. One of the greatest things to experience...

04.10.2016 | Everyday tips, Diagnosis-related

How To Explain Disability To Other Children

“Why? ...Yeah but, whyyy?!” Small children ask a lot of questions; it’s in their nature. As they grow they want to understand the...

04.08.2016 | Everyday tips

Is everything ready for you child’s first day at school or daycare?

The first day of school is a huge milestone in every little boy or girl’s life and something for your family to look forward to.