24.02.2017 | Assistive devices, Everyday tips

Games to play while standing in your assistive device

The only thing better than watching your child having fun, is having fun with them. It may seem like a struggle to play games and stay...

04.01.2017 | Everyday tips

5 Fun Winter Activities for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Being a kid is all about being active – and with snow comes plenty of possibilities for fun activities, so there is no reason your...

14.12.2016 | Everyday tips

Five Tips For Easy Christmas Crafting

Christmas is the holiday to be jolly – and creative. Let the kids set their personal touch on this year’s gifts or Christmas...

13.10.2016 | Everyday tips, Diagnosis-related

How to bond through activities when your child has CP

Every parent enjoy watching their children smile while being active or learning a new skill. One of the greatest things to experience...

04.10.2016 | Everyday tips, Diagnosis-related

How To Explain Disability To Other Children

“Why? ...Yeah but, whyyy?!” Small children ask a lot of questions; it’s in their nature. As they grow they want to understand the...

04.08.2016 | Everyday tips

Is everything ready for you child’s first day at school or daycare?

The first day of school is a huge milestone in every little boy or girl’s life and something for your family to look forward to.