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Maximize Your Therapy Time with the Innowalk Pro


Innowalk Pro is a robotic rehabilitation trainer that helps people with physical disabilities to stand and move. It does so by...

Static vs. Dynamic Standing Training – What’s More Effective?


Katarina Lauruschkus is a Swedish physiotherapist with a PhD from Lund University. She currently works as a scientist at the...

How Did the Hibbot Come About?


We’ve talked to one of the inventors behind our latest product addition.

Ria Cuppers: “Restricting Therapy to the Clinic Only Is Not Enough”


We sat down with Belgian physiotherapist Ria Cuppers to discuss some of her thoughts on standing and walking therapy for...

How Can You Help Your Youth Transition to Adult Healthcare?


People depending on healthcare throughout their life will at some point face the challenges that come with moving from...

Improved Endurance and Mood with the Innowalk


Per Øivind is a 25-year-old Norwegian with cerebral palsy (CP), GMFCS II. Despite having limited mobility and a vision...

This Is How Selma Lives with Retts syndrome


Innowalk and adaptations make Selma able to live an active and enjoyable life despite a few challenges.

What Do We Know About Physical Activity and Cerebral Palsy?


In fact, physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth biggest mortality risk factor.

How To Plan Travelling with Kids Who Have Disabilities


When travelling, doing some research to get inspiration and tips is always useful. We’ve picked up some inspiration from some...