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Per Brodal On Learning and the Brain's Plasticity


Per Brodal is one of the speakers we’ve been lucky enough to invite to speak at our seminars for physiotherapists and...

What Effect Does the Innowalk Have on Children with Gross Motor Impairment?


Research shows promising results for children with cerebral palsy using Innowalk training and stimulation aid.

What Is Rett Syndrome?


Rett syndrome is a rare disorder that's unfamiliar to a lot of people. It's mostly seen in girls, and only rarely in boys.

Early Intervention Is Not Only Possible But Crucial


Key take-aways from the CP-conference in Oslo, January 2018.

What Is It Like to Be the Sibling of Someone with a Disability?


We tend to focus on children with disabilities and their parents, but what about the brother or sister? Let’s look at some of...

What Types of Outcome Measures In Cerebral Palsy Do We Have?


There are several outcome measures available for children with cerebral palsy (CP) used within research and clinical practice....

What is GMFCS, and why is it used?


Even though Gross Motor Functions Classification System (GMFCS) is a widespread classification tool, most people is unfamiliar...

What do we know about strength exercise for people with CP?


Strength training (or resistance training) is a very common part of sports and physical fitness programs. For many people, the...

How does family-centred services make a difference?


We usually write about treatments or services that focus on a child or an individual, but in this article we’ll look at...