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All you need to know about the latest Innowalk version 2.0!

Rikke Damkjær Moen - Physiotherapist and Medical Manager
Rikke Damkjær Moen - Physiotherapist and Medical Manager
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Ung girl is trying out her new Innowalk while her parents is interacting with her.

The Innowalk is a dynamic stander which is easy and safe to use for people with complex movement disorders. It is adapted to suit individual needs and offers a comfortable balance between being supportive while allowing opportunity for activity.  

In this article you can learn about all the new features on the latest Innowalk version 2.0: 

  • What is unique with the Innowalk? 
  • How did the Innowalk come about? 
  • Time for a new Innowalk, version 2.0  
  • What is new? 
    • The Innowalk is easy to access
    • The Innowalk is comfortable to use
    • The Innowalk provides the opportunity for independence
    • The Innowalk is available for children, adolescents and adults
    • The Innowalk has an integrated transport system for ease of moving and handling
    • The Innowalk has a connected activity app available for IOS & Android
    • The Innowalk has arm movement options for all sizes 
  • Who can benefit from using the Innowalk? 
  • Physical activity is key 
  • How to access the Innowalk?

What is unique with the Innowalk? 

Innowalk is a motorized standing and walking device for mobilisation and activity in a standing position, much like a supportive cross trainer. Users do not need to have independent standing or walking ability to use the Innowalk, therefore, it is an ideal device for individuals who spend significant portions of their day sitting or lying down. The change in position, and the fact that the standing position is dynamic and not static, offers many positive health benefits. 

Learn more about the Innowalk.

How did the Innowalk come about?

Back in 2007 the Norwegian Entrepreneur Ånund Olsen was declared the winner of the TV programme "The Creator" for his idea of a dynamic stander. This marked the beginning for the "Innowalk". After the TV programme, Ånund worked with Made for Movement in Norway on the further development from a protoype to finished soultion ready to be delivered to customers (2008). 

"We had no idea that the Innowalk would become so popular! It has truly contributed to changing the lives of many individuals with physical disabilities all over the world," says Ånund. 

Time for a new Innowalk, version 2.0  

Like anything, time moves on and technology advances, so after 15 years from the original development the current Innowalk will retire as we launch the New Innowalk, version 2.0.  

Valuable feedback and ideas for improvements have come from customers in many countries. We have had close collaboration with users, therapists, carers and families. This has enabled us to take the best from the original Innowalk and add features that have been important for an even better user experience. In recent years, our development department has worked hard and dedicated themselves to designing an upgraded model. The new version is now ready to be launched.  

What is new? 

As we now introduce an upgraded version, we have focused on making it even easier to engage in daily activities. These are the most significant changes to the device: 

The Innowalk is easy to access 

  • A swivel seat with low entry height allows for a safe and gentle transfer into the device, either independently or with assistance. 
  • Swing away leg supports further simplify the transfer. 

The swivel seat and swing away leg supports enable the user to be more actively involved in the transfer, for example, from a wheelchair. If the user requires assistance during the transfer, it limits the physical load on caregivers and assistants. 

Swivel seat_Swing-away

The Innowalk is comfortable to use 

  • Thicker padding on the leg supports, chest support and seat makes it comfortable to move in a standing position, and users report that they tolerate standing in Innowalk for long periods. 
  • A large and sturdy tray provides a good balance between excellent support and the opportunity for activity. 
  • Tilt in space angle provides stability and comfort for those with poor trunk and head control. 

Altogether, this makes it possible to break up sedentary behaviour and move more frequently and for longer durations. 


The Innowalk provides the opportunity for independence

  • Active and passive limb movements are offered. The user can actively override the motor and use their own muscle power. Active movement stimulates muscle activity and is tailored to the user's abilities and capacity. 
  • An accessible remote control with additional functions encourages user participation and independence. 

The Innowalk is aimed for a broad user group and is designed for individuals with various needs and the potential for self-activity. 

The Innowalk is available for children, adolescents and adults 

The size range has been expanded on the New Innowalk to include users up to 200 cm and 110 kilograms, providing the opportunity for activity for even more individuals. The device is available in three sizes: 

  Innowalk Small Innowalk Medium Innowalk Large
Size range - Height  80 to 125 cm 120 to 165 cm 150 to 200 cm 
Size range - Weight  35 kg  80 kg  110 kg 

The Innowalk has an integrated transport system for ease of moving and handling 

The new version of the Innowalk has an integrated transport system enabling easy transport of the equipment between rooms. The wheels used for transport are hidden behind the side covers of the device and are lowered by using a crank arm at the back. When the equipment is at the desired place for use, the transport wheels should be raised back under the cover.  

Transport Solution Innowalk

The Innowalk has a connected activity app soon available for IOS & Android  

The app for the Innowalk will soon be available for Download to your preferred device. Monitor the number of steps, speed and duration in the Innowalk, all presented in an elegant and user-friendly interface.  

The Innowalk has arm movement options for all sizes  

Arm handles are available as an accessory to allow arm movements in combination with lower body movements, which enhances whole body activity in standing. The arm handles are available for all three sizes.  

Armhandles Gen 2 Innowalk

Who can benefit from using the Innowalk?  

Whether a person can benefit from the Innowalk is not so dependent on the diagnosis but rather on their functional level. If a person has limited walking ability, no independent walking function, or has lost their walking ability due to an injury, accident, or illness, the Innowalk can be a suitable assistive device. 

The desired intensity can, of course, be adjusted to individual needs, but high-intensity training sessions of 30 minutes, equivalent to approximately 2000 steps, are possible. The device also provides the opportunity for whole-body movement by involving the arms. When both the arms and legs are in motion, the upper body is activated to a greater extent, increasing the intensity.

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Physical activity is key 

Individuals with moderate to significant physical disabilities often spend a lot of time in a sedentary position, which can lead to health issues and chronic diseases. The new Innowalk provides an opportunity for physical activity regardless of the individual's functional level, and the WHO recommends everyone to take part in a daily session of physical activity lasting 30-60 minutes. 

Research and clinical experience support the benefits of dynamic standing activity in the Innowalk. 

  • Stimulates muscles and joints 
  • Increases respiration and blood circulation 
  • Has a positive effect on the digestive system 
  • Improves sleep 
  • Enhances attention 
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment 

Notably, physical activity improves the ability to perform daily tasks. It becomes easier to participate in activities, be social, and experience control over one's own life. 

Read more: Research shows that 94% of the patients improved their clinical outcome with assisted walking-movement 

How to access the Innowalk?

If you are considering an Innowalk for someone you care for or for yourself, we have created this page with information to guide you in the process. You can also contact us directly for support. 

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Rikke Damkjær Moen - Physiotherapist and Medical Manager
Rikke Damkjær Moen - Physiotherapist and Medical Manager

Rikke Damkjær Moen brings many years of experience as clinical physiotherapist to the Made for Movement team. Her mission is to ensure that everybody, regardless of mobility problems, should be able to experience the joy and health benefits of physical activity. As our Medical Manager, Rikke is passionate about sharing knowledge so that individuals with special needs, families, and clinicians can discover the possibilities and solutions provided by Made for Movement.

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