18.12.2019 | Everyday tips, Adults with disabilities, Therapy, Assistive devices, Cerebral Palsy, Innowalk

[Video] “I’m not made of porcelain!”

To pursue hobbies and interests, just like everyone else, has always been extremely important to Johannes. So, when his buddies...

23.09.2019 | Therapy, Assistive devices, Robotic rehabilitation therapy, Cerebral Palsy, Innowalk Pro

Robotic gait rehabilitation delivers quicker results for kids with CP

A new prospective, controlled study found that robotic gait rehabilitation training (Innowalk Pro) provides faster and higher effects...

13.09.2019 | Early intervention, Assistive devices, Cerebral Palsy, Hibbot, Gait trainers

Lauranne and Maddox Are Taking Steps with the Hibbot

Did you know that a device can bridge the gap between therapy time and daily training? Meet two kids who have made significant...

05.09.2019 | Early intervention, Assistive devices, Hibbot, Gait trainers

How Did the Hibbot Come About?

We’ve talked to one of the inventors behind our latest product addition.

28.08.2019 | Therapy, Assistive devices

Which walking device works best?

Being a pediatric physiotherapist with 35 years of clinical experience, I always look for solutions to improve children’s standing and...

15.08.2019 | Everyday tips, Assistive devices, Cerebral Palsy, Innowalk

Meet Becky - Always follow your dreams and never give up!

Becky has no voice, but that doesn’t limit her expressing herself - and she is worth listening to! This talented 16-year-old girl is...

07.08.2019 | Everyday tips, Assistive devices

Adapted controller for gaming - Let’s play!

A new adaptive controller for the Xbox was presented at this year’s EACD conference in Paris. What a blast! People all over the world...

31.07.2019 | Therapy, Assistive devices, Robotic rehabilitation therapy, Innowalk Pro

Results from a cross-over pilot study favor motion therapy in the Innowalk Pro

The improvements achieved in therapy with the Innowalk Pro were greater than for treadmill intervention. Both the 10-meter walk test,...

17.07.2019 | Assistive devices, Innowalk, Angelman's syndrome

Katarina lives an active life despite severe disability

Ever since Katarina was little we have aspired to do everything as a family. If the activity was difficult for Katarina, we tried to...