19.01.2023 | Cerebral Palsy, Innowalk, Dynamic standing device, Assistive devices

Survey: Perceived benefits of using the Innowalk, a dynamic stander?

Innowalk is a dynamic stander which enables activity for people with severe disabilities. We asked our customers in the UKand Ireland...

13.12.2022 | Innowalk, Dynamic standing device, Assistive devices

How to adapt your Innowalk?

We understand the importance of postural support equipment that is not only tailored to an individual and their needs, but that can...

17.11.2022 | Robotic rehabilitation therapy, Innowalk, Innowalk Pro, Dynamic standing device, Everyday tips

How physical activity affects learning?

Many people ask if there is an association between physical activity and cognition? And we can clearly say “YES”. Several studies have...

06.10.2022 | Rett Syndrom, Innowalk

[Video] This Is How Selma Lives with Retts syndrome

Innowalk and adaptations make Selma able to live an active and enjoyable life despite a few challenges.

06.10.2022 | Rett Syndrom, Innowalk, Assistive devices

Meet Live, a 4-year-old girl with Rett syndrome who loves action

Live is a tender and cheerful 4-year-old girl. She’s diagnosed with Rett syndrome, but has a more atypical disease course, which means...

06.10.2022 | Innowalk, Assistive devices, Angelman's syndrome

Katarina lives an active life despite severe disability

Ever since Katarina was little we have aspired to do everything as a family. If the activity was difficult for Katarina, we tried to...

06.10.2022 | Cerebral Palsy, Innowalk, Assistive devices, Everyday tips

A very ordinary life… in a rather unusual Covid-19 time

I, Elin, am the mother of three amazing adolescent and grown-up girls. Our youngest child in the family, Sofie, is 15 years old and...

06.10.2022 | Multiple sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Innowalk, Assistive devices, Therapy

Physically active: Why and how as a weelchair user?

As a wheelchair user, you have many positive health benefits of staying physically active. It affects physiological functions in your...

06.10.2022 | Early intervention, Cerebral Palsy, Innowalk, Assistive devices, Therapy

EACD 2019 - Innovation for participation

This year's EACD (European Academy of Childhood Disability) conference was held in beautiful Paris, and 1300 participants from all...