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[Video] Wheelchair user Moritz testing the new Innowalk

Jens Kleine - Physiotherapist and Product Specialist
Jens Kleine - Physiotherapist and Product Specialist
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A young man sits in the Innowalk and has a hip belt fitted by a physiotherapist.

We were particularly looking forward to this appointment: Moritz Brückner from Guidzter have tested our dynamic standing device on site - very carefully and very honestly!

Guidzter is a platform by and for people in wheelchairs. The diverse offering includes opportunities to exchange experiences and useful tips and tricks for everyday life. In addition, they also publish service and product tests done by them. The guides play a very special role here - people who, for various reasons, cope with their everyday lives in a wheelchair and so of course know best which topics are important and interesting.  

You can also watch the interview and read more about the test on Guidzter's own website (german interview).

Moritz´s story  

Moritz Brückner is a guide for Guidzter. The likeable 25-year-old has been a wheelchair user since a surfing accident in Chile about 4 years ago. 

He is a tetraplegic with a diagnosis of Sub C7, which means he has a spinal cord injury below the 7th vertebra. This means his legs are completely affected (paralysed), he can bend and stretch his arms, while his hand function is limited. Moritz's chest muscles are present, but he lacks both back and abdominal muscles. 

However, none of this stops him from living a sporty and active life. He is good at motivating other people in the same situation with his positive attitude to life and open nature. Mortiz also contributes to a better understanding of people in wheelchairs in general. 


What is a spinal cord injury? 

A spinal cord injury (SCI) is damage to the bundle of nerves in the spinal cord, which is a critical part of the central nervous system that extends from the base of the brain down to the lower back. The spinal cord plays a crucial role in transmitting signals between the brain and the rest of the body, allowing for the control of various bodily functions and movements. 

Spinal cord injuries can result from various causes, including: 

Trauma: The most common cause of spinal cord injuries is trauma, often from accidents such as car crashes, falls, sports-related injuries, or violence. These injuries can cause fractures or dislocations of the vertebrae, leading to damage to the spinal cord. 

Non-traumatic causes: Spinal cord injuries can also occur due to non-traumatic factors like tumors, infections, inflammation, or degenerative diseases. 

The severity of a spinal cord injury can vary widely and is often classified into two main categories:

Complete SCI:
This occurs when there is a total loss of sensation and motor function below the level of the injury. 

Incomplete SCI:
In this case, some degree of sensation and motor function remains below the level of the injury. 

Moritz in the Innowalk 

Before we really get started, Moritz asks, Thomas Schwarze who is a physiotherapist and advisor at Made for Movement, a few questions about the Innowalk, such as who it is suitable for, what benefits it offers and how it is available.  

What is an Innowalk? 

The Innowalk is an innovative dynamic standing device suitable for children, adolescents and adults with significant reduced independent standing and walking abilities.  

Innowalk offes:
Assisted movement - Motor-assisted and repetitive movement of the whole body in an upright weight bearing position.

Full Body Support -
Adaptable support system enabling appropriate positioning and exceptional comfort.

Safe use -
Safety features such as an automatic motor pause if any resistance against the movement is detected, for example a muscle spasm


At home Moritz have available a static stander and a leg movement trainer but admits that he does not use these on a regularly basis. He is very impressed with the Innowalk as a combination of both – standing and movement. The advantages mentioned by Thomas - for blood circulation, breathing, digestion and the entire musculoskeletal system - make him curious... 

During the transfer into the Innowalk and the preparations for securing, Moritz is surprised: 

It looks like a real cross trainer!”  

The fact that VR glasses will soon be available as an accessory that can be used to simulate various scenarios, such as a walk on the beach or in the forest, makes the Innowalk even more attractive for Moritz. 

Now Moritz is ready, the movement starts, initially in a half-standing position: 

“And you feel sporty!” grins Moritz. 

During the training he repeatedly feels the spasticity in his legs but remains calm and concentrated. The movement of the joints – the knees, the hip flexors – is obviously good for him. 

Important change of perspective 

He realizes that today he is moving in upright position for the first time in 4 years - an unusual but beautiful movement, as he says. Apart from the health aspect, the change of perspective from sitting to standing is a welcome change. He laughs: “Now I can finally look at people from above again!” 

Moritz advises: 

In the end you have to try it yourself! You should definitely have this experience! 


We are very pleased that we were able to get to know Moritz and convince him of the Innowalk – for him and all other wheelchair users! 

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Jens Kleine - Physiotherapist and Product Specialist
Jens Kleine - Physiotherapist and Product Specialist

Jens Kleine is a physiotherapist with many years of sales experience within assistive device technology across several European countries. He is very focused on users’ needs and dedicated in finding innovative solutions. Today, Jens has a product manager role working closely with both external clinicians, the salesforce and our R&D team. Always searching for solutions that bring movement to the people that need it most.

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