19.10.2022 | Hibbot, Early intervention, Gait trainers, Assistive devices

How Did the Hibbot Come About?

We’ve talked to one of the inventors behind our latest product addition.

19.10.2022 | Hibbot, Early intervention, Cerebral Palsy, Gait trainers, Assistive devices

Lauranne and Maddox Are Taking Steps with the Hibbot

Did you know that a device can bridge the gap between therapy time and daily training? Meet two kids who have made significant...

17.10.2022 | Everyday tips

How to prevent your child from being bullied

Being bullied by other kids at school or in their spare time can be very tough to deal with–for both kids and parents involved. We...

17.10.2022 | Everyday tips

Having a child with disabilities: Living, challenges and how to find time for yourself

"There are a lot of feelings involved with getting a handicapped child. In many ways, you have to adapt to a totally new reality",...

17.10.2022 | Early intervention

Early Intervention Is Not Only Possible But Crucial

Key take-aways from the CP-conference in Oslo, January 2018.

17.10.2022 | Adults with disabilities, Everyday tips, Therapy

Changing lives through surfing and surf therapy

Surfing is a great activity and therapy. It combines aerobic exercise and strength training with a stress-relieving mental health...

17.10.2022 | Adults with disabilities, Assistive devices, Therapy

Stroke recovery: The value of physical therapy in rehabilitation

Learn how rehabilitation after stroke can improve functional performance. Julian Breuer, Head Physio at NiB Köln shares his knowledge...

17.10.2022 | Adults with disabilities

3 inspirational persons with cerebral palsy

People who inspire us tend to go beyond what’s perceived to be their limits. From track racing to arctic expeditions, we look at three...

17.10.2022 | Assistive devices, Everyday tips, Therapy

Alvin needs help with everything – also being upright and moving

Alvin was a completely healthy 6-year old boy until leukaemia changed his life forever.