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Maximize Your Therapy Time with the Innowalk Pro


Innowalk Pro is a robotic rehabilitation trainer that helps people with physical disabilities to stand and move. It does so by...

Kaja Uses Innowalk Every Day: "She's Happier and More Energized"


The sun creeps across the room. It’s quiet at Bjørnholt secondary school, but the silence is soon to be disrupted by the sound...

What Is Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)?


SMA is a serious condition that can worsen over time.

10 Frequently Asked Questions On the NF-Walker


Our support sections answers hundreds of questions every day. Here are the ten most frequent ones

Blogs Written by Parents with Children Using Made for Movement Devices


Are you looking for inspiration from other parents? Here’s a list of blogs with parents sharing small glimpses of their own,...

How to adapt a assistive device for a growing child


Panicking about your child growing out of his or hers assistive device? The good news: you don’t have to buy completely new...

Bonding through activities when your child has CP


Every parent enjoy watching their children smile while being active or learning a new skill. One of the greatest things to...

Introducing the New NF-Walker 2: What You Need To Know


The original NF-Walker was met with an overwhelmingly positive response, helping loads of children to experience the sensation...