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How to adapt an assistive device for a growing child

Jens Kleine - Physiotherapist and Product Specialist
Jens Kleine - Physiotherapist and Product Specialist
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Panicking about your child growing out of his or hers assistive device? The good news: you don’t have to buy completely new equipment just because your child is getting bigger. How? Through personal service and follow- up from our consultants.

Your child is making progress with the equipment, but as we all know children don’t stay little forever. They are constantly growing so it is necessary for the equipment to be adjustable. Finding the right equipment for your child can be as demanding as choosing the correct care package, finding the right education setting and putting the appropriate support systems in place.

Adapting the Innowalk  

As well as sourcing equipment for the here and now, we understand it is preferable to purchase devices that can be adapted as your child develops and grows, so that constant reinvestment isn’t required. Both the NF-Walker and the Innowalk come in different sizes that are easily adjustable for both children and adults. But how do you do it?


How to adjust the equipment

First thing first; the NF-Walker and Innowalk must only be adjusted by aid consultants from Made for Movement or other qualified people approved by Made for Movement. It is a personal aid, and must only be used by the person it was adjusted for. Without correct adjustment you risk that the effect of usage isn't optimised and it could even harmful to the child if the device is misfit.


The NF-Walker is a custom-fit device that allows the child to take greater participation in everyday activities, and also reduces the risks of negative health outcomes because of the standing position. Therefore, there is no wonder that the assistive device needs to be adjusted to each individual in order to serve its function.


Moreover, the Innowalk allows for a normal gait and thus the extension and flexion of the hip, knee and ankle joints. The highly advanced motor, not only means your child gets to take light physical activity and exercise, but also feels a real sense of achievement.


The upright position means the user can comfortably and safely weight-bear, which gives them a much-needed sense of independence and can help with the development of gross motor skills.

But then comes the next question: how do I know when to adjust the equipment? The answer is easy: the NF-Walker requires regular follow-ups, normally two to three times a year. The Innowalk requires annual service and should in addition be assessed every six months by one of our trained, specialist aid consultants  so adjustments can be made, and your child can continue embracing their mobility and freedom.

 Adjusting NF-Walker

How long will the equipment be suitable for my child?

Every child is different and has their own specific needs, so we work with each family to ensure the right model, with the right capabilities, is chosen. Because every child grows at different pace, there is no definite answer to how long the equipment will be suitable for just your child.  

However, we have worked out some specifications regarding weight and height:

  • The maximum weight for users of the NF-Walker 2 Xtra Small is 30 kg, and the height measures are 70-110 cm
  • The maximum weight for users of the NF-Walker 2 Small is 40 kg, and the height measures are 100-140 cm

  • The maximum weight for users of the NF-Walker XR5 is 80 kg, and the height measures are 130 - 180 cm

  • The maximum weight for the Innowalk Small is 50 kg, and the height measures are 80-150 cm
  • The maximum weight for the Innowalk Medium is 75 kg, and the height measures are 130-180 cm
  • The maximum weight for the Innowalk Large is 95 kg, and the height measures are 160-190 cm

As your child grows, so too must the assistive device. Luckily adjusting the equipment needn’t be difficult. Just because you cannot do it at home by yourself, doesn’t make it any more of a milestone. In the countries we have representation, aid consultants or other certified persons will help you adjust your child's assistive device so that they can continue on growing.

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Jens Kleine - Physiotherapist and Product Specialist
Jens Kleine - Physiotherapist and Product Specialist

Jens Kleine is a physiotherapist with many years of sales experience within assistive device technology across several European countries. He is very focused on users’ needs and dedicated in finding innovative solutions. Today, Jens has a product manager role working closely with both external clinicians, the salesforce and our R&D team. Always searching for solutions that bring movement to the people that need it most.

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