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Xplore - a gait trainer for big and small adventures

Rikke Damkjær Moen - Physiotherapist and Medical Manager
Rikke Damkjær Moen - Physiotherapist and Medical Manager
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Xplore gait trainer allows girl to play upright with her friend

Imagine there's a gait trainer that provides your child with entirely new possibilities – all while standing! The Xplore is designed for children and adults with complex mobility impairments who want to be mobile, active, and participate in everyday activities.

In this article, we will address the following:

  • What is a gait trainer? 
  • What makes the Xplore a unique gait trainer? 
  • Who can benefit from using the Xplore? 
  • What makes the Xplore so special? 

What is a gait trainer?  

Allowing a child to take their first steps independently is an important moment and milestone. Mobility enables the child to explore and experience their environment from a completely new perspective and helps the child become more independent.

A gait trainer with sufficient support facilitates this crucial moment for children with mobility impairments. The Xplore is a gait trainer that provides more comprehensive support around the person's trunk and pelvis, compared to a conventional walker, enabling standing and walking. The device can be used by children and adults who are unable to weight bear consistently through their lower limbs.  

What makes the Xplore a unique gait trainer? 

The Xplore is a gait trainer designed for big and small adventures for children and adults. The unique upper body support system corrects and aligns the body for optimal positioning,  which is important to enable walking. It is also very easy to make individual adjustments to meet the user's needs.

Another major advantage of the Xplore is that the hands are free, allowing the user to play and carry objects while walking.

Unlike our NF-Walker, Xplore does not have a brace system correcting the legs. However, if desired, you can add a leg positioning kit to provide reciprocal guiding; moving each leg in turn to promote a natural stepping motion.

The saddle makes it easier for the user to be placed in the device and it also prevents a crouch gait.  Energy is transferred to straighten the legs and enable movement in the best possible way.

The Xplore is available in 3 sizes: 

  • Xplore Smalluser's height 80-120 cm – 30 kg
  • Xplore Medium – user's height 110 – 150 cm – 50 kg
  • Xplore Largeuser's height 140 – 180 cm – 80 kg

The Xplore is designed to be used both indoors and outdoors – at home, in preschool, at school, or during outdoor activities. 

Who can benefit from using the Xplore?   

The Xplore is suitable for children and adults who are partially unable to support their own weight or who cannot do so at all. This may include individuals with diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, Rett syndrome, acquired brain injury, etc., who require support to walk, participate in activities, and engage in daily life.

What makes the Xplore so special?  

We have observed that there is a gap in the market for gait trainers designed for children and young adults with relatively low functional level, who cannot bear their own weight and have reduced stability in their trunk muscles. Wheelchairs and conventional walkers are often bulky and do not allow users to get close enough to their activities, making it difficult to participate. For therapists and caregivers, it is also important that the gait trainer is functional, easy to use, and reasonably priced. This exceptional gait trainer combines the benefits of flexibility, autonomy, and proximity.

More flexibility 

The Xplore was created to meet the diverse needs of individuals with motor impairments and designed with flexibility in mind.

The Xplore is constructed in a way that is very easy for the user to transfer into, as well as quick to adjust to the individual's needs. Because it's so easy to get started and quick to adjust, users are well equipped and encouraged to walk every day.

It also allows the user to change quickly from standing to walking.  


young boy walking in his Xplore gait trainer saying hello to a dog

Greater autonomy  

The Xplore provides security through stability. The user can remain in an upright position for longer periods whilst increasing their range of movement. The user can become more active, more attentive and ultimately more confident.

young boy gets the post in his Xplore

More proximity

A narrow profile allows the Xplore to fit under a desk while hands are free. Whether group activities are taking place around a table or on the move, the Xplore enables users to participate more in what's happening around them – thus providing a richer, more inclusive experience.

young girl stands in her xplore at a table playing with her friend
Users benefit physically and mentally from this exceptional gait trainer.

It overall improves quality of life!


Would you like to try the Xplore? Contact us for more information.

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Rikke Damkjær Moen - Physiotherapist and Medical Manager
Rikke Damkjær Moen - Physiotherapist and Medical Manager

Rikke Damkjær Moen brings many years of experience as clinical physiotherapist to the Made for Movement team. Her mission is to ensure that everybody, regardless of mobility problems, should be able to experience the joy and health benefits of physical activity. As our Medical Manager, Rikke is passionate about sharing knowledge so that individuals with special needs, families, and clinicians can discover the possibilities and solutions provided by Made for Movement.

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