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Håkon Uses the NF-Walker and Innowalk To Enhance Gross Motor Skills


Håkon is a five-year-old boy with the rare Vici syndrome, which has given him mental and physical disabilities. Early on, the...

10 Frequently Asked Questions On the NF-Walker


Our support sections answers hundreds of questions every day. Here are the ten most frequent ones

Blogs Written by Parents with Children Using Made for Movement Devices


Are you looking for inspiration from other parents? Here’s a list of blogs with parents sharing small glimpses of their own,...

What Effect Does the Innowalk Have on Children with Gross Motor Impairment?


Research shows promising results for children with cerebral palsy using Innowalk training and stimulation aid.

How to transfer the user in and out of the Innowalk


Are you assisting a person using the Innowalk, but not quite sure how to get the user in and out of the assistive device? Here...

What can a Made for Movement assistive technology consultant do for you?


Getting the most out of an assistive device is not just about choosing the right one, but also knowing how to use it right....

Standing aids versus Walking aids


Our muscles, bones, organs and nervous system function optimally when we stand upright. This is why assistive devices are...

Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory Computer Adaptive Test (PEDI-CAT)


There is a continuous need of assessing patients. Either to understand the severity of a diagnosis, to predict future outcome,...

4 Benefits of Using the NF-Walker in Everyday Life


Assistive devices can increase your child’s quality of life through enabling upright standing and walking. Here are four...