25.09.2018 | Assistive devices, Everyday tips

Maximize Your Therapy Time with the Innowalk Pro

Innowalk Pro is a robotic rehabilitation trainer that helps people with physical disabilities to stand and move. It does so by giving...

19.09.2018 | Assistive devices

Static vs. Dynamic Standing Training – What’s More Effective?

Katarina Lauruschkus is a Swedish physiotherapist with a PhD from Lund University. She currently works as a scientist at the same...

30.07.2018 | Assistive devices, Adults with disabilities

Improved Endurance and Mood with the Innowalk

Per Øivind is a 25-year-old Norwegian with cerebral palsy (CP), GMFCS II. Despite having limited mobility and a vision impairment,...

07.06.2018 | Assistive devices

Kaja Uses Innowalk Every Day: "She's Happier and More Energized"

The sun creeps across the room. It’s quiet at Bjørnholt secondary school, but the silence is soon to be disrupted by the sound of...

23.04.2018 | Assistive devices

Håkon with Vici Syndrome Had to Undergo Surgery – Now He’s Taking Steps with the new NF-Walker

Håkon is a five-year-old boy with the rare Vici syndrome, which led him to develop contractures in his legs. After undergoing...

23.03.2018 | Assistive devices

10 Frequently Asked Questions On the NF-Walker

Our support sections answers hundreds of questions every day. Here are the ten most frequent ones

14.03.2018 | Assistive devices, Everyday tips

Blogs Written by Parents with Children Using Made for Movement Devices

Are you looking for inspiration from other parents? Here’s a list of blogs with parents sharing small glimpses of their own, and their...

23.02.2018 | Assistive devices

What Effect Does the Innowalk Have on Children with Gross Motor Impairment?

Research shows promising results for children with cerebral palsy using Innowalk training and stimulation aid.

13.11.2017 | Assistive devices

How to transfer the user in and out of the Innowalk

Are you assisting a person using the Innowalk, but not quite sure how to get the user in and out of the assistive device? Here are...