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Who are the Child Brain Injury Trust?

Jen Ferguson
Jen Ferguson
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Young boy sits in his Innowalk

The Child Brain Injury Trust is a leading organisation in the voluntary sector that provides emotional and practical support, information and learning opportunities for families and professionals affected by childhood acquired brain injury across the UK.

In this article we will give you some more information on the charity and just some of the useful resources and services that they provide, including:

  • About the Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT)
  • The vision of the CBIT
  • What is the ‘CBIT In Hand’ App

About the Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT)

CBIT was established in 1991 by a group of health professionals with the aim of researching and providing information on the effects of ‘traumatic’ injury on a child’s developing brain. Parents of children with acquired brain injury were keen to become actively involved in the development the charity and over time the emphasis on the work changed. 

Cooperation partner UK_Child Brain Injury

CBIT works across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and has a dedicated team of professional staff and volunteers who provide expertise, commitment and energy every day.

The Vision of the CBIT  

“A future where all children and young people with an acquired brain injury are diagnosed promptly and receive the support they and their families need to reach their full potential and to have the best quality of life possible”

Click here to read more on how they aim to deliver this vision. 

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What is the ‘CBIT In Hand’ App?

CBIT In Hand is the first ever digital health intervention for families affected by Childhood Acquired Brain Injury and has been downloaded by nearly 2,000 people since launching in 2021.

The app gives parents and families access to virtual support for childhood concussion, head injury and acquired brain injury (ABI).

CBIT in Hand is a useful tool for:

  • Professionals who need advice and support around this subject.   
  • Providing access to tailored information, at your fingertips, when needed.
  • Offering a vast range of resources and signposting to relevant organisations.
  • Simplifying terminology into a more readable and understandale form.

Shareable QR Code
Anyone can download the app free of charge by visiting the App Store or Play Store links, you can search for ‘CBIT In Hand’ on both stores, OR you can simply scan this QR code:

CBIT In Hand Marketplace

The CBIT In Hand Marketplace is a dedicated section within the app, that provides an easy-to-access hub of useful and appropriate products and services across the whole of the UK. 

Within the Marketplace, families can find a range of products and services from assistive technology, clothing and home adaptations to therapy services, nursing care and case management; all of which have been approved by the Child Brain Injury Trust. 

The Marketplace-2

Made for Movement Products 

We are very pleased that CBIT has approved our products to be listed on the CBIT in Hand Marketplace. You will find a section featuring our dynamic standing device, the Innowalk. For more information on the Innowalk, click here.

Click here to visit the Child Brain Injury trust website for an abundance of free advice, information and resources.  

Physical activity has many positive effects

Jen Ferguson
Jen Ferguson

Jen Ferguson has a clinical background as a paediatric physiotherapist, working for the NHS in the North East of England before joining the Made for Movement team. As Territory Manager, she thrives on sharing her knowledge and experience with therapists, families and individuals with disabilities. Jen feels very passionate that exercise and physical activity should be accessible for everyone, and loves seeing first-hand the enjoyment that movement brings to so many people she meets in her role.

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