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Improved Endurance and Mood with the Innowalk

Rikke Damkjær Moen - Physiotherapist and Medical Manager
Rikke Damkjær Moen - Physiotherapist and Medical Manager
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Improved endurance and mood with the Innowalk

Per Øivind is a 25-year-old Norwegian with cerebral palsy (CP), GMFCS II. Despite having limited mobility and a vision impairment, Øivind is able to walk and cope with different daily activities.

However, with age, Per Øivind experienced a worsening of gross motor function. His gait gradually became worse and he needed support in order to walk. Spasticity and muscle contracture led to an inability to fully straighten his hips and knees. An increased level of disabilities resulted in a more and more sedentary lifestyle.

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Recommended by the physiotherapist

In 2015, Per Øivind completed a hip surgery. In the months before and after his surgery, his physiotherapist recommended using the Innowalk as a training aid.

"The Innowalk facilitates a good and appropriate movement pattern. It also provides a favourable dynamic load on the muscular and skeletal system, as opposed to static standing frames and standing wheelchairs. The device is easily accessible to both the user and the assistant. Also, being active helps to maintain and improve the body function, including the gait," says physiotherapist Halldis.

 Active Standing and the Advantages of Using the Innowalk 

As a result, Per Øivind has improved his physical endurance and increased the extension
 in his knees and hips. In addition, his stride length has increased. These results are also to be credited to his surgery of course, but the large amount of exercise would probably be difficult to achieve without the Innowalk. Last but not least, Per Øivind loves training in the Innowalk as it gives him a lot of joy. 

Per Øivind's experience with the Innowalk

To sum it all up, Per Øivind’s experienced:

  • Improved gait and ability to walk. He now walks with little to no support at all.
  • Improved mood and better body awareness.
  • Better mobility and flexion in the hips and knees. His stride length has increased.
  • Better endurance and strength.
  • Less time spent sedentary.
  • Great joy from exercising.

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Rikke Damkjær Moen - Physiotherapist and Medical Manager
Rikke Damkjær Moen - Physiotherapist and Medical Manager

Rikke Damkjær Moen brings many years of experience as clinical physiotherapist to the Made for Movement team. Her mission is to ensure that everybody, regardless of mobility problems, should be able to experience the joy and health benefits of physical activity. As our Medical Manager, Rikke is passionate about sharing knowledge so that individuals with special needs, families, and clinicians can discover the possibilities and solutions provided by Made for Movement.

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