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Blogs Written by Parents with Children Using Made for Movement Devices

Jens Kleine - Physiotherapist and Product Specialist, 14.03.2018

Are you looking for inspiration from other parents? Here’s a list of blogs with parents sharing small glimpses of their own, and their children's lives.

Disabled child with family on vactaion. Blogs of parents with children using Made for Movement aids.

Made for Movement gives people with severe motor impairments the possibility to move and participate in daily activities. Our solutions are delivered and followed up by representatives in many different countries.

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We’ve previously shared case studies and interviews showing how the Innowalk and NF-Walker plays a role in people’s lives. But what’s better than getting the insights straight from the source itself?

Here’s a number of blogs written by parents whose children are using Made for Movement devices. They’re all listed alphabetically by language, with the type of aid their child uses in parenthesis:






If you’re unable to find a blog in your preferred language, you can check this list we made of reliable websites for useful information and helpful tips, or this interview with Jørgen Thorkildsen, a father sharing his experiences of having a child with disabilities.

Download case about Ulrik who lives an active and rich life with Innowalk and NF-Walker

Jens Kleine - Physiotherapist and Product Specialist
Jens Büdenbender is a physiotherapist with many years of sales experience in the helping aid market across several European countries. He is very focused on users’ needs and dedicated in finding innovative solutions. Today, Jens has a product manager role working closely with both external clinicians, the salesforce and our R&D team. Always searching for solutions that bring movement to the people that need it most.

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