13.09.2019 | Assistive devices, Early intervention

Lauranne and Maddox Are Taking Steps with the Hibbot

Did you know that a device can bridge the gap between therapy time and daily training? Meet two kids who have made significant...

05.09.2019 | Assistive devices, Early intervention

How Did the Hibbot Come About?

We’ve talked to one of the inventors behind our latest product addition.

05.06.2019 | Assistive devices

How to access a Made for Movement device where you live – a short guide

You have decided you want one of Made for Movement’s assistive devices to improve the quality of life. The decision has been made –...

24.04.2019 | Assistive devices

One of the most innovative rehabilitation centres in Germany uses the Innowalk Pro

NiB Köln in Germany has been leading the way in innovative techniques and rehabilitation therapy since it was established in 1998....

31.01.2019 | Assistive devices, Adults with disabilities

[Video] Samuel Is Paralyzed, but the Innowalk Keeps Him Going

Samuel Koch, a 31-year-old former stuntman, was left paralyzed from the neck down in a failed attempt at jumping moving cars – live on...

27.12.2018 | Diagnosis-related

Wenche Was Locked Inside Her Body at 39 – This Is Her Journey Towards a Better Life

When Wenche started her rehabilitation, her main goal was to live a fulfilling life with her family. With a positive attitude and hard...

19.12.2018 | Diagnosis-related

What is Locked-in Syndrome (LiS)?

Locked-in Syndrome (LiS) is a rare neurological disorder often described as the closest thing to being “buried alive”. How is it to...

09.11.2018 | Everyday tips

7 Great Winter Holiday Spots for Kids and Adults with Disabilities

Europe is full of fun places to visit regardless of physical ability. Check out these awesome destinations for lovers of snow and...

17.10.2018 | Assistive devices

Sports Scientist Fabian Mollard Saw His Patients Thrive with the Innowalk Pro

Making sure patients get the best out of therapy time can be quite a challenge. Luckily, sports scientist Fabian Mollard found a...